Time Zone Editor

What is it

Time Zone Editor is a small program by Microsoft that can be used to create and edit time zone entries in Date/Time settings.

Why you may need Time Zone Editor

It is because in some Windows 95/98/NT versions Time Zone records are incomplete or incorrect, especially Daylight Savings start and end times (DST). As a result, Chameleon Clock may show a wrong time for such timezones, and in the case if your current timezone information is incorrect, the times in all other time zones will be misleading.

Download Time Zone Editor

Previously available for download as one of the Windows 95 Kernel Toys, Time Zone Editor is now part of Windows 98 Resource Kit, Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit, and Windows 2000 Resource Kit. Find the directory tools\reskit\config on your Windows installation CD, and run Tzedit.exe. Alternatively you may download it here (23 Kb).

It's recommended to copy TZEdit.exe either to your Windows or Chameleon Clock directory. This way you can run it using Tools menu in Main Dialog.

How to use Time Zone Editor

In short, just select the desired time zone from list, press Edit button, and set appropriate values for Daylight Saving Time start and end. To find more, see editor's Help.
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