1SmartSite                          submit       
32bit.com                           submit       
Allen's WinŽ 95 Apps                submit       
ATN Shareware Distribution          submit       
BDS Software Shareware              submit       
Bob Cerelli's Win95 Page            submit       
Children's MAC Software and...      submit       
Clayton's Shareware Instant...      submit       
Clicked Shareware Gallery           submit       
Completely Free Software            submit       
Congo Shareware                     submit       
Davecentral.com                     submit       
DownLinX 32                         submit       
Download.com                        submit       
Download.Net 16 BIT                 submit       
Download.Net 32 BIT                 submit       
Essential Shareware Pages           submit       
File Center                         submit       
File Depot 16BIT                    submit       
File Depot 32BIT                    submit       
File King                           submit       
FileDudes 16 bit                    submit       
FileDudes 32 bit                    submit       
FileDudes MAC                       submit       
Filemine.com 32BIT                  submit       
Filemine.com MAC                    submit       
Filemine.com NT                     submit       
Filemine.com UNIX                   submit       
FileTransit 32BIT                   submit       
FileTransit NT                      submit       
Free Themes                         submit       
Freehound                           submit       
Freeware 95                         submit       
Freeware32.com                      submit       
FreeZone                            submit       
FtpWolf Database                    submit       
Gamer's Inn                         submit       
GameStuff                           submit       
Go Windows 95                       submit       
Great Windows Software              submit       
Harris' Hanger95                    submit       
Jayde Hot Shareware                 submit       
Jim's Shareware Links               submit       
Jumbo!                              submit       
Kids Domain                         submit       
LockerGnome                         submit       
Malek's Win95 Tips                  submit       
Megagiciel                          submit       
New World of Shareware              submit       
Only The Best Apps                  submit       
PassTheShareware                    submit       
Pauls Pick                          submit       
PCInform                            submit       
PCWin                               submit       
Regsoft                             submit       
RocketDownload.com                  submit       
Sander's Keyscreen Previewe...      submit       
Screen Saver Heaven                 submit       
Screen Saver.com                    submit       
ScreenShot World                    submit       
Shareware Author Index              submit       
Shareware Intercom                  submit       
Shareware King                      submit       
Shareware Resource                  submit       
Shareware Stockpile                 submit       
ShareWareNET                        submit       
Slaughterhouse                      submit       
Slider Shareware                    submit       
Sliders Screen Savers               submit       
SoftSeek                            submit       
Software Shak                       submit       
Software Titles                     submit       
SoftWatch                           submit       
Steve's Shareware Showcase          submit       
Stroud's Consumate Winsock ...      submit       
StuffAll                            submit       
Super Shareware                     submit       
The Cove                            submit       
Tucows                              submit       
TuDogs                              submit       
UK Shareware                        submit       
UniverseSoft Archive                submit       
Wazzu                               submit       
WebAttack                           submit       
WebPipe 16BIT                       submit       
WebPipe 32BIT                       submit       
WebPipe NT                          submit       
Win95Site                           submit       
Win98Connect.com                    submit       
Windows Emporium                    submit       
WindowsWare                         submit       
Winfiles.com                        submit       
WinPicks                            submit       
WinShareware                        submit       
WinShop95                           submit       
WinSight                            submit       
Wulfert                             submit       
Xiaomu's Apps Collection            submit       
ZDNet Launch Pad                    submit